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Heritage Club

Aims and objectives

  • It is done with the motive of creating awareness and participation in heritage related activities among the students.
  • The main focus of the club is on places of importance of cultural or natural heritage as described in the UNESCO World Heritage Convention; discussions, presentations and activities on world heritage sites in India.
  • To aware Students about their Conservation, its relevance and awareness programmes in school on how to protect and preserve our monuments and our Heritage Sites. Along with the discussion on these points, the students are encouraged to visit heritage sites so that they can feel close and proud of their own country and its history.


Literary Club

Aims and objectives

  • To inculcate among students a love for language and enhance their literary skill.
  • To provide a platform to organize and analyze the available resources and adopt technological advancements to present ideas, creativity and artistically.
  • To promote communication skills of students and help in team work, ability to speak before an audience thereby increasing the emotional quotient of the students.



Aesthetic Club

Aims and objectives

  • Aesthetics Club is focused to exhibit the creative acumen of students in shaping their ideas and imagination.
  • It primary objective is to provide a platform to the students to understand, explore, exhibit and develop their creative skills.
  • To develop personality and instill confidence through theatrical skills.
  • To make them aware and sensitive towards the problems and issues related to society and the world.
  • To gain familiarity with a range of different musical practices and traditions, including selected classical, Indian popular, and folk practices.
  • To learn to create (perform and compose), and analyze music.
  • To learn to think about cultural, historical, and cognitive dimensions of music.


Eco Club

Aim & Objectives

  • To create awareness of biodiversity conservation and local envirounmental issues among school children
  • To create clean and green consciousness among students
  • To involve Eco club Students in open orientation programmes in school and public areas.


Science Club

Aim & Objectives

  • To promote inquisitiveness among the school students and inculcate Scientific temper among them.
  • To trigger interest among the students in Science.
  • To encourage, motivate and equip the students in applications of Science and its interface with society.


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